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Our Firm's Philosophy

Service relies not only upon our technical know-how, but is also based upon a substantive knowledge of each client's business and the industry of which they are a part. We believe that this understanding of the client and industry is of vital importance in offering constructive service and in carrying out assignments in an effective manner. Additionally, firm policy requires us to factor are general industry knowledge into a custom service that fits the specific needs of each client. It is our belief that bridging that gap is the key to successful representation. Regardless of size, each client receives the personalized service that has become associated with our Firm.

As it relates to your industry, we are especially qualified to offer service to you due to the meaningful qualifications of our practice and people. In keeping with our policy of specific and tailored service, a practice director would be assigned the primary responsibilities for your engagement. Additionally, a back-up practice director would be appointed for your engagement. This is in accordance with our policy of appointing a second person to each engagement who will be known to the client's management personnel, familiar with the client's operations, and who can substitute for the person with primary responsibility in his absence or work with him when a second viewpoint is needed.